Fantasy Flight Games announced another product in their ever growing Star Wars lineup that I’m super excited for.  Star Wars Armada will expand the miniature line from the dogfight  battles of X-wing to a fleet level scale.  The ships look great and the box set looks to be packed with capital ships and tons of Tie Fighter and X-Wing Squadrons.  It looks like a lot of the same concepts and mechanics from X-Wing will be part of this rule set so it should make the game easy to pick up and play if you’ve already experienced X-Wing.  I like the shield dials and the turn tracking integrated into each of the ship and squad bases.  They previewed a couple of additional ships and I’m looking forward to seeing even more expansions.

Star Wars Armada

I have this weird dream of a campaign that would stretch across all of these new games. To jump from an X-wing to an Imperial Assault game to an Armada game would be really cool.

Armada Game Play Layout