This little event kicked off the launch of the new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic in Times Square. Sadly this little You Tube clip is more exciting than all of the prequels combined.

I’ve been playing the MMO as a Beta Tester for a while, I’ve tried a few different classes and I think that Bioware has struck the right balance between familiar MMO gameplay and a unique story with branching dialogue that can move your character toward the light or dark side of the force. I’m all in on leveling my Chiss Agent to 50 and a couple other members from my World of Warcraft crew have setup a new Imperial guild, Kessel Run Security, on the Anchorhead PVP server. We are a pretty relaxed group of players focused on helping each other level up and getting the most out of PVP warzones and group up for flashpoints. Want to join the ranks? Send a message to one of our members Kyars, Skurge & Syarr and we will be happy to add you as a new recruit.